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What is the role of MEP in construction?

MEP engineering is the basic principle that makes any building whether residential or commercial, suitable for people to live out there or to perform their daily tasks efficiently. It is a whole layout of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system of a building that makes sure that everything is done properly and there is no conflict during construction.

So the three factors included in MEP always come together and the models are made in such a way that all of these three are addressed on a single layout. The software has been introduced in the market that makes your MEP design as many times as you want within seconds.

How do the three factors of MEP influence the design of your building?

Now we are going to discuss how three factors i.e. mechanical, electrical, and plumbing influence the design of your building and how they are beneficial.

1. Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical system has several types that are used in industrial, commercial, or residential buildings but the main focus usually lies on the given three types:

All these types together make a building full of ventilation and breathable for you. Mechanical engineering is very important to balance the temperature and environment of the building by making sure that you will have enough supply of fresh air and the pollutant concentrations are kept safe and low.

So mechanical engineering makes sure that the humidity level of a building remains between 30% to 60% as recommended by professionals and that the heat and cooling systems are aligned properly. Because high humidity can cause problems related to airways and skin.

2. Electrical Engineering

It makes sure that the building has enough circuits to bear the load of its electrical equipment and that the wires are laid properly without having any contact with the pipes or other systems related to mechanical engineering. But this one needs less space as wires can be rolled around certain objects.

So mechanical and electrical engineers work together where the former checks out the installation of equipment and the latter makes sure that each piece of equipment will have enough supply of electricity and circuits are available as per requirement.

3. Plumbing Engineering

This makes sure that the building has enough supply water and that the drainage and sewage system works properly. Huge pipes are installed in this one so that water can easily reach heights in multiple-story buildings.

So it is quite clear from the above discussion that all of these factors included in MEP should be applied together for efficient output.

How MEP Engineers can help in construction?

MEP Engineers play a very vital role whether you are planning or constructing a new building or are trying to renovate the older one. MEP engineers make sure that every included in the construction of your building is carried out most efficiently and cost-effectively. Some tasks performed by MEP engineers include:

  • They make detailed diagrams or layouts of all sections, floors, and elevations of your building.
  • All technical specifications that need to be installed in a building.
  • A precise list of all the materials and products required.
  • An overview of how the systems, materials, and products will be executed.
  • Cost estimation of the whole process.
  • Survey of the land and the approval of its map from the officials.

So if you want a cost and time-effective construction of your building then these three factors should be aligned together. So what will be better than handing over your project to a trustworthy company Tameergah which has a team of experts that will streamline all these factors together and will give you the output your desire?

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